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  • Teeth whitening (overlays) 400 zł/arch
  • In-Office Teeth Whitening 800 zł
  • Single dark tooth whitening 150 zł/visit

Teeth Whitening

Who does not dream of a bright white smile of Hollywood style? Today that dream may come true with a little help of a dentist. Teeth whitening performed at the dentist’ office is a safe and effective procedure, satisfactory both for the patient and for the dentist.

For whitening we recommend individually prepared overlays. The patient fills them with a special gel and places over dentition. In our offices we offer precise training in gel application and overlay placement. The whitening effect is visible after several applications. Teeth may be brightened by several tones. The effect of whitening is more spectacular in some patients, and depends on thickness of enamel and on the natural colour of dentin, as well as the baseline colour of teeth. Durability of whitening effects depends on hygienic procedures, diet and the use of stimulants (coffee, tea, cigarettes).

Whitening of teeth after a root canal treatment with overlays is less effective. For that reason a whitening method “from the inside” was developed. In that method the whitening paste is applied inside a tooth, and the tooth is filled after a desired effect is achieved.

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