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  • Prices include local anaesthesia, x-rays and post-operative care
  • Individually written proshodontic treatment plan 150 zł
  • Temporary crown (instant) 150 zł
  • Temporary crown (dental labolatory made - moer durable) 350 zł
  • Porcelain fused on metal crown 900 zł
  • Full ceramic crown 1500 zł
  • Inlays, onlays, overlays (composite) 900 zł
  • Inlays, onlays, overlays (porcelain) 1500 zł
  • Acrylic prosthesis 500 - 1500 zł
  • Elastic prosthesis 2000 zł
  • Frame prosthesis 2000 zł
  • Metal post nad core 400 - 500 zł
  • Nightguard 450 zł


In DENS dental facilities in Wroclaw we use the most modern prosthetic solutions ensuring high quality, precision and aesthetics. Our works are made of top quality materials, developed in cooperation with prosthetic laboratories. Prosthetic treatment offered in our offices is a comprehensive treatment, tailored both to conditions of the oral cavity and the patient’s personality. Out task is to restore the patient’s smile, providing him/her with an aesthetic work that will be comfortable to use.
Basic types of prosthetic restorations:

  • Prostheses on implants – a perfect prosthetic solution in case of partial loss of teeth (one or more) and in case of a total loss of teeth in the maxilla or mandible. Possible use of fixed crowns and bridges as well as removable ones, retained on implants
  • Fully ceramic crowns and bridges – restorations characterised by high aesthetic value and durability
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges on metal base – a budget solution.
  • Porcelain and composite surface restorations
  • Skeleton prostheses (highly durable and comfortable, offering transmission of chewing forces resembling natural ones)
  • Prostheses with precise elements, including:
    • latches
    • snaps
    • magnets

offering an additional improvement of aesthetics and maintenance of the prosthesis

  • flexible prostheses – resembling skeleton prostheses but offering a higher aesthetic value, because all visible elements are coloured like a tooth or a gum, making them practically invisible when the patient smiles
  • acryl prostheses: partial and total
  • splint-prostheses (stabilising the patient’s own instable teeth)
  • overdenture – used in cases of advanced attrition of teeth
  • Crown inserts (inlay, onlay, overlay) – restoring a missing part of a tooth crown
  • Crown-root inserts – pins allowing retention of a prosthetic crown on severely damaged teeth, but with a natural root.

We also offer express prosthetic services, and various prosthetic repairs.

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