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  • Implantation 2350 - 3500 zł
  • Regeneration of the osseous tissue 500 - 3000 zł
  • Elevation of floor of the maxillary sinus 1500 - 3300 zł
  • A crown on an implant (metal +ceramics) 1650 - 2500 zł
  • A full-ceramic crown on an implant 3000 - 3500 zł
  • A bridge point on an implant 1000 - 1200 zł


The most modern and the best solution offered by dentistry to patients with missing teeth is dental implants. Due to implants the number of people who may enjoy their full and bright smile despite extensive losses of denture is increasing every year. Implants is an investment in yourself: in your comfort and health.

In our Wroclaw Dental Clinic we have implanted over 1000 implants. Experience and knowledge of our specialists guarantee durability. The procedure itself is painless.

Our consultants are waiting for you.

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