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Root canal treatment allows maintenance of a natural tooth is cases when extraction is the only alternativ. Endodontic treatment (another name for root canal treatment) has been highly effective lately, and allows preservation of many teeth that would be deemed for extraction just a decade ago.

Some special equipment is necessary for the successful cure, including:

  • an X-ray,
  • devices for work under magnification (microscopes or magnifying glasses)
  • a professional device for airtight filling of root canals with high temperature.

You will find all those pieces of equipment in all DENS offices.

Root canal treatment (including a single visit procedures) is painless and performed according to guidelines developed by leading world specialists.

A tooth crown has to be reconstructed after a root canal treatment, as only a complete restoration allows chewing, contributes to the aesthetics of a smile and allows correct pronunciation. Our offices offer a broad selection of possible tooth crown re-construction after a root canal treatment, allowing a precise adaptation of the course of treatment to the overall situation of the oral cavity.

Below we present some effects of root canal treatment performed in our offices: