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Prophylaxis is the best we can do for our health. That goes also for the oral health. Regular dental controls allow spotting any possible problems at a very early stage, which means that a therapy is usually fast and much less expensive.

During control visits we assess condition of the oral cavity and perform all necessary procedures to keep it healthy, so you may enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

At any moment you may ask a doctor at DENS to help you select a correct toothpaste, toothbrush and to instruct you how to maintain oral hygiene.

We offer those prophylactic procedures:

  • Removal of tartar (co called, scaling and polishing) – a basic procedure in dental prophylaxis
  • Sandblasting (removal of deposits) – not all deposits may b removed by scaling. In those cases we may offer sandblasting – a procedure that offers a huge positive difference in appearance of your smile.
  • lacking – a procedure protecting the most susceptible tooth surfaces from caries. Effectiveness of the method is over 90%, however, regular control visits are necessary.
  • fluoridation – a procedure of coating teeth with an enamel of high fluoride content. The procedure:
    • strengthens teeth,
    • protects from hypersensitivity,
    • offers re-mineralisation of decalcified enamel
    • prevents development of new defects around fillings and elements of fixed orthodontic apparatuses,
    • counteracts development of tartar,

and many more.